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Three more Austin choreographers added to May 30-31 performance

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to works by Austin choreographers Chell Garcia-Trias and Nancy Stern Bain, three more Austin choreographers — Ellen Bartel, Amy Cone, and Rhianon Renae — will also be presenting their work on the Highway 290 Choreographers Exchange May 30 (6:30 pm) and May 31 (2:00 pm) at Barnevelder. Houston choreographers whose work will be presented on the program are Chris Gamez, Karen Stokes, Lindsey Thompson, Lori Amare, Misha Penton, and Vicki Loftin.

Tips to learn choreography


If you ever feel like having trouble in learning the patterns of dance, you don’t need to worry. One of the most usual struggles that dancers face while learning dance is remembering the choreography. Especially if you are an amateur, this problem is mostly seen in them. You need to develop the tools to rapidly hold on to the passages of movement. If you practice regularly and keep up the dancing sessions, this is really going to work for you. The following techniques will help you in making a great dancer and learn your steps quickly:

  • Follow the pattern: Choreography is not just limited to the series of movement that is carried one after the other. Choreography is all about patterns and series of sequence that needs to be followed properly. Focus on the pattern and worry about getting the movements right. Focus on the number of repetitions and directions and practice it more.
  • Focus on other aspects of choreography: It’s not just about learning patterns because there are many other elements of choreography that needs to be taken care of. You should focus on other elements like creating a sequence of your body and mind. Try to focus your attention on your feet alone. Once you get command over feet, you can combine the arms, head and the rhythms to make a complete move. Absorb the details of learning one dance form and follow the movements precisely.
  • Attach a visual image: Sometimes when you attach a visual image of what you do, it makes you learn well and more effectively. If you attach a mental picture of series of steps or look at a video, it helps you grasp things clearly and in a better way. No matter how things appear to you, you must create a mental picture.
  • You can also write down the things: You can also write those steps properly so as to freeze the chain of movements in your mind properly. Writing or seeing the sketches or words will help in setting the movements properly.
  • Practice the art of repetition: If you practice the art of repeating the movements again and again, this is going to help you with your set of movements in the best way possible. You can also work in combination, with your trainer or in group. You can also practice independently alone at home to learn well.
  • Synchronize your dance steps with the song: Dance always goes with a song and if you work on your dance as a rhythm or a melody that goes well with your steps, it can assist to learn your choreography well. There is a particular step that comes with particular lyrics. All you need to do is to follow the sync properly and learn the steps. You can also sing the lyrics when you practice the steps.
  • Look at the mirror: If you practice using a mirror in front of you, you can see what you perform and discover the mistakes. This makes you a better dancer.